Life in an environmental testing lab can be incredibly stressful, and the hours brutally long. Rework, a down instrument, data errors, cost overruns... when you face a growing backlog of samples with expiring hold times, even the smallest snag is another roadblock between you and your evening’s plans.

The efficiency of superficially porous particles (commonly referred to as SPP or “core-shell” particles) has been proven to provide fast separations with lower backpressures. This benefit helps customers achieve faster separations with their existing HPLC instruments. Coupled with small-particle technology, SPP particles also provide an efficiency boost to those running UHPLC when compared to fully porous particles.

Restek's Force LC columns give you the power to maximize instrument uptime, increase productivity, and transfer methods across your entire lab, from your trusted-but-aged HPLC to the cutting-edge UHPLC you just plumbed last week. This incredibly rugged and supremely consistent column line represents the culmination of our twenty-plus years in LC dedicated to continually improving our phase chemistries, our lot and lifetime testing, and our bonding and packing procedures.

Petrochemical and chemical analyses are both demanding and time sensitive. Delays of only a few hours can carry a huge cost, so it is crucial that your instruments keep generating fast, accurate results. Your ideal partner should not only understand the stress and importance of what you do but also have the products and support to help simplify your daily routine. Your ideal partner in the petroleum industry is Restek Pure Chromatography.

Acrylamide can form in food when sugars and the amino acid asparagine react during high-heat cooking processes like frying, roasting, grilling, or baking. Foods like potato chips/crisps, grain-based baked goods, and coffee are examples of commodities that have been focal areas for characterizing acrylamide presence and concentration.

At Restek, we understand the fast-paced nature of food safety testing. As an analyst, you might be reporting pesticide residues in blueberries one day and analyzing veterinary drugs in meat the next. And no matter how complex the sample matrix is, shipments are waiting so you need to get accurate results the first time.

Whether you are an experienced potency testing chemist or a manager starting up a new lab, Restek has the products and expertise you need for successful cannabis analyses. We’ve been committed to this emerging industry from its humble beginnings through its recent years of rapid growth. During that time, we produced the first technical literature on potency testing in the business, and our experts continue to provide cutting-edge scientific support and a comprehensive line of products for new tests as they emerge.